Sunday, 5 February 2017

Another FMS#273 and a lot more!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!!

Yes, I've got a lot of cards to share today, so this is a picture heavy post!!!!

Many years ago, when I was still single and living in Cape Town, I did a lot of calligraphy courses and done quite a lot of calligraphy work, but I was very frustrated cause I wasn't artistic enough to make the kind of items I saw in books and loved so much!!!!!!  I'm also a perfectionist so when one or two letters weren't perfectly done, I was unhappy with what I made!!!!!  I did all the formal scripts like Gothic, Italic, Bookhand and a few others, but after a few years when I got married and had the kids, I never did calligraphy again.  I have recently had a look at calligraphy websites and the modern way of doing calligraphy and I got very tempted to try my hand at it!!!!  On Friday night I was looking at wonderful websites again and watched a video or two and decided that it was time I get my pens and ink out again!!!!!  Problem is ...I couldn't find my pens has been packed away somewhere and I don't have an idea where!!!!!  So yesterday morning I went to an art shop and bought a pen, nibs and ink (...and a few other items!!!!!   LOL!!!!) and I couldn't wait to get going!!!!!  And what I'm posting here is what I've made!!!!  On a few of these one can see that I've not been relaxed enough and the letters aren't flowing nicely, but on some of the later ones I was more relaxed!!!!!  So here goes....

 Three for Valentine's Day:

There's a little rhinestone in each heart.

...and one for Christmas:

One for a special friend:

...and for a special birthday:

...and how can I make cards and not work with a sketch!!!!!!  These I've made working with the sketch over at the Freshly Made Sketches Blog!!!!!
This one I will link at the challenge:

...and these I've made for fun:

Looking at these photo's it's clear that I need a lot more practising, but it's a start!!!!!!  I didn't use my calligraphy pen in the end - I've done these with a fine liner.

Thanks for visiting - hope to see you again, soon!!!!!!


GerJanne said...

Wauw! Dat zou je echt niet zeggen dat je het lang niet gedaan hebt en nu weer voor het eerst. Na zoveel jaar ben je wel een talentje hoor. Maar ja, als je perfectionistisch bent vind je dat zelf vaak niet zo snel.
Ik heb hetzelfde idee voor de sketch van FMS, dus nu maar even wat anders bedenken. Hahaha, je bent me gewoon net voor!
En zo heb je een boel kaartjes voor de voorraad! Zelfs al voor kerst!

Hannelie said...

Ek dink dis fantasties... jy het regtig nie meer oefening nodig nie. Dis 'n droom van my om so te kan skryf.
Pragtig gedoen!
En jou kaartjies is net so mooi!
Groete en n mooi week vir jou!

sandie said...

Good for you to re visit this and I think you rocked it. What a fabulous skill and how useful in card making when you can't find that perfect sentiment. A few of these would work for our latest challenge at Time Out...get over there!!

!neke said...

Helemaal top !!!!!!
Het ziet er echt prachtig uit !!!!!

groeten Ineke

MaryH said...

You are just amazing! I loved ALL of these cards, and you've definitely not lost your 'calligraphy' touch. That was something I always wanted to try. (didn't buy the supplies though!). It always has such an elegant & classic look to any font. I like these 'more modern' ones, and congratulations to you, for reviving a loved hobby and making such stylish,elegant & beautiful cards that have such a personal touch! TFS & hope you had a great weekend.

Monika Reeck said...

woooowww so many caligraphy my friend
and they are all perfect
dont ask me how my hand writieng ist
yours is more perfecto thant my one
I love all your card here and hey what you have learn is now you can practicing
so many ladies out there teach how lettering
I am not interested hehe cause I know my handwriting is chaotic
I love yours Petra..
now I have time will catch up hope you have time to read my comment hehe

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Petra! You've been a busy stamper! All of your cards are so unique and wonderful! Thank you for all the inspiration!

Loll said...

You have done an outstanding job with your calligraphy, Petra!! They all look perfect to me ... and think of all the money you'll save buying large sentiment stamps. Great job ... each one is a delight! xx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

After you telling me about these Petra my friend, I just had to come right on over first thing to see these beauties!! WOW!! You have done a truly amazing job on your very first attempt at modern calligraphy, because, although you say you have done it before, all calligraphy forms are different, so to get it looking this professional at the 'get go' is amazing!! I know what you mean about 'loosening up' as you go on! I find that if I am just idly doodling calligraphy on scraps of paper while I am on the phone or doing something else, it is far more smooth and looks better than when I am trying to do it on a card!! It is the same as doing anything that matters, you can be too careful (it makes you tense up). Like my very first (and only) brand new car,trying so carefully and nervously to park it in the drive, I scraped the gatepost!!! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
My Card Attic

My Paper Cat said...

Wow, I'm impressed. You have done a great job. Well done.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Wow! You were a very busy girl! Your lettering is fabulous - you've got this trend covered beautifully!

I Card Everyone said...

Petra!! Having never even tried calligraphy, I cannot sense any tension at all ... every card looks incredibly relaxed, darling, and superbly done!
I think your FMS card is genius! and your Valentines will surely be adored for years to come! xx

Rosemary said...

your calligraphy looks absolutely amazing to me, petra!! what a gorgeous set of cards!!

Karren said...

These are fabulous, Petra! Your calligraphy looks wonderful - what a great job! So happy to see you at FMS.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, Petra, I don't think you've lost your calligraphy skills at all - they all came back to you! These look amazing! You made so many cards and they all look fabulous! I like all the different designs - my favourites are the final ones with the swooshes of colour! Fabulous cards, my friend!

Pat said...

Your calligraphy is really beautiful Petra and love all the versions and the minimal embellishment lets the wonderful script just shine out. x

Wanda Cullen said...

Holy moly, Petra, your lettering is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so envious as that was one of my new year's goals to work on brush lettering. I bought several marker pens but haven't begun to master this style. Years ago I learned the old style calligraphy where you hold the pen with the nib at a 45 degree angle. This new lettering doesn't break up the letter strokes and it has the emphasis on pressure changes as you stroke upward and downward (at least I think that's how your letters are formed as well). It's been hard for me to make the switch. Would love to see you do a tutorial - hint, hint!