Friday 11 December 2015

I'm ready for tomorrow!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Before I share photo's of what I'll be selling tomorrow I would like to thank those of you who left good luck wishes after my previous post - thank you so much - it means a lot to me and warms my heart!!!!  I'm a bit nervous at this stage, but I've got everything ready and there's no turning back now!!!  Will be in bed early tonight and up early tomorrow morning - the market opens at 8 and I'll be there at 6:30 to set up my stall!!!!!
I promised to share photo's of what I'll have to sell, so here goes:

Some crocheted and other cushions decorated with fabric roses.

Some embroidered cloths for the guys saying: 'Dad's BBQ cloth', 'Granddad's BBQ cloth' and hubby said that I should make some for the fishermen saying: 'My fishing cloth'.

Christmas cards and decorations.

Star dies from MFT.

Crocheted bags.

Bags with matching purses.

Stuff for the wall.

Gerbera daisy dies from MFT.

Decorated wine bottles.
Some more MFT dies used on these.


Knitted bears.

Fridge magnets and notepads.
The fridgemagnets are little clay 'flowerpots' with two MFT 'Prima Donna petals' flowers in them.
The notepads are also decorated with MFT dies.

And then of cause, I'll have some birthday cards, too!!

So that's what I'll have for sale tomorrow morning!!!!  Some of these items I have limited stock available, but some others I have quite a lot of.  Now I just hope that some people would like to buy one or two items!!!!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a temperature of 22 degrees, which is quite nice, but there is a slight possibility of rain, which I just hope will stay away!!!

OK, I'm off for now!!!!!

So nice to have you visiting!!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!!


Monday 7 December 2015

Preparing for my Stall.

Hi everyone!!!!!

Hope you're all well and have much time to be creative!!!!!

Thought I would just let you know that for the last two weeks I've been getting ready for my stall I'm going to have at our local Farmers' Market, coming Saturday the 12th!!!!  I've been wanting to give it a try for quite some time, but just not got to actually doing it before!!!  I think the Christmas season is the best time to see if it will work.  The SA schools will be closing on Wednesday the 9th, but most of the kids have finished exams last week already, so they are already enjoying the holidays!!!  George and the surrounding coastal towns are popular holiday destinations and lots and lots of people visit during the Christmas season.  Maybe coming Saturday will be a bit quiet still, but I might do a stall on the next Saturday the 19th as well, which might be a better day to try and get the visitors who still need to do Christmas shopping!!!!  So for the next week or two I would not be around in Blogland much, but I'll be visiting and commenting as soon as I have the time again!!!!

I will be sharing photos of some of my products I will be selling, before the end of the week!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for popping in!!!